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Upcoming changes to supported architectures

Hello everybody,

with the Lenny release upcoming we are thinking about larger changes to
the Debian archive, of which one point is "Clean up the supported
architecture list to free up space for new ones".

So we had a few discussions during DebConf8 and came up with the
following rules:

 - If an architecture fails to be included in 2 successive official
   releases, it is moved out of the official archive (and away from the
   ftp-master.debian.org host).

    - We (as in ftpteam) are happy to help in any possible way in a move
      from a no-longer-supported architecture to a different platform[1],
      like providing all neccessary files to import currently existing
      suite in the target archive (think of .changes files).

 - If a removed architecture later can prove it will be able to make the
   next official release, it can be re-included into the official
   archive. This step additionally needs the acceptance of the Security,
   the Release and the Debian Admin Team. (It needs security
   autobuilders, porter machines, etc.)

- A newly included architecture has to be built completely with packages
  available in plain Debian, external patches aren't allowed.

- At the time of inclusion a minimal set of binary packages will be
  imported into the archive, just enough to get build-essential ready to
  go and an official buildd setup and running. Everything else has to be
  rebuilt from scratch. As soon as enough is rebuilt to get the initial
  toolchain build on "native" Debian, this has to be rebuilt too.

- The packages imported from external source and used for the initial
  build run have to be signed by one of the lead porters, who needs to
  be a DD.

If you disagree - please provide sane alternative suggestions.

[1] be it debian-ports.org or whatever platform the porters of those
    architectures want to use.

bye, Joerg
The Debian project,  at least for me,  is not a joke, [...]

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