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Why you need not upload with urgency=high for the freeze


there was one bit about the handling of the freeze that was not well
communicated in the previous release announcement:

  | Packages that are present in unstable the day we freeze will be
  | automatically allowed into testing, that is, the freeze date (next
  | weekend) does not mean your package should be in testing by then,
  | but only in unstable.

I'm sending this in a mail by its own because I think it's very
important we avoid uploads like this:

  * Urgency high to meet freeze deadline.
  * Urgency medium to try to beat the release.
  * Urgency high to reach testing in time before freeze.

Not only these mean they'll get less testing in unstable, but they sound
as if the uploads were prepared in a hurry, which means higher chance of
bugs. Please take the extra few days to **test your uploads well**!!

(If you mistakenly abused urgency as above and would like to, feel free
to send a mail to -release asking for a full 10-day waiting period.)


Adeodato Simó
your emergency RA of the day

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