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Bits from the DPL

Hey folks,

Phew, it's been a busy time lately. It's time I gave you an update on
what I've been up to.

I've spoken to quite a few journalists in the last
month. You've probably already seen/heard some of these elsewhere, but
just in case you haven't:

 * A general interview for ITWire in Australia [1].
 * Another general discussion with ComputerWorldUK [2].
 * A weird(!) interview with ZDNet where the journalist seemed to care
   mostly about how Debian makes money [3].
 * I also had a phone interview with a writer from the Register in the
   UK - some of it summarised in [4], related to [5].
 * I spoke with Patrick Davila on the Linux Link Tech Show, a New York
   based Linux radio show [6].

I hope that I'm coming across OK in the press so far; there are a few
more people talking to me about future interviews as well.

I'm not planning to compete with Sam for bombshells in terms of
delegations, but I do have news on this front. I've already announced
that Christoph Berg has joined the DAM team [7].

I'm also announcing today that Jonathan McDowell has been added to the
keyring maintenance team. He will continue working with James Troup on
adding/removing keys as needed, and they are setting up procedures
with DSA to allow for easy integration with our LDAP database. The
best way to ask for key updates is to use rt.debian.org as previously
announced[8]. I'm sure (prod!) that Jonathan will tell us more about
his plans soon.

I'm hoping to announce even more delegation updates in the near
future; I'll let you know as I have more news.

We've also seen other personnel changes in core teams lately. Shortly
after the DPL handover, Anthony Towns stepped down from most of the
teams where he was a member [9]. He's been a valuable contributor for
several years, and I hope he'll be back soon. Andreas Barth has also
relinquished his Release Manager powers, passing them on to Marc
Brockschmidt [10]. I want to publically thank Andi for his dedication
and huge efforts to date as an RM, and I know he'll be continuing to
help as a Release Wizard for a while to come.

Teams review
You'll hopefully have found it difficult to miss me starting on the
review of teams that I promised during my DPL election campaign. I
spammed a lot of our lists with a survey [11] to ask for views on how
our teams are working, and I've had lots of responses so far. Thanks
for those! There is still some time remaining until the submissions
deadline of 23:59:59 UTC, Sunday 25th May; if you haven't told me
about your team workings yet, please get back to me *soon*.

To further help me get an idea of how some of our teams are
responding, I've also been given an account with extra access to
rt.debian.org so that I can see all the queues and tickets.

Summer of Code 2008
We've again been selected as a mentoring organisation for Google's
Summer of Code programme [12]. They're funding 12 students to work on
projects with us this summer. Hopefully this will lead to some giid
successful projects and some reall enthusiastic new contributors for

Debconf coming soon!
Preparations are still ongoing for Debconf 8 in Mar del Plata,
Argentina [13]. There should be announcements soon from the team about
papers, talks and sponsorship. As always, we're also still looking for
more companies and individuals to sponsor the conference - please
contact sponsors@debconf.org if you can help. I'm looking forwards to
meeting even more of our developers and users in August - see you

Work is still ongoing, with some large transitions in process right
now. D-I is progressing towards another beta release soon, which
should also be the basis of the (slightly delayed) Etch and a Half
update. There's still plenty of work to be done before Lenny is
ready. Let's all pull together and we can make it happen. There are
more BSPs planned in the next few months too; I'll let the Release
Team announce them as plans are finalised.

And finally, openssl...
We've all been hit by the openssl problem that was announced a couple
of days ago [14]. There has been a lot of press about it, and many of
us have had a lot of work to do to re-secure our servers. Please try
not to be too negative about it; we can all make mistakes. One of our
strengths, and one of the reasons why our users like and trust us so
much, is that we don't try to hide our problems. I have seen a few
suggestions of how to increase the amount of review our patches are
getting and how to improve our processes. Let's see what we can do to
learn from this and do better in the future.

[1] http://www.itwire.com/content/view/17716/1090/
[2] http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/index.cfm?RSS&entryid=741
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[13] http://debconf8.debconf.org/
[14] http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html

Steve McIntyre, Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org>

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