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Python 2.5 done, Perl 5.10 next; mail -release if you have a transition


The latest run of britney put python-defaults 2.5 in testing, along with
140 more packages and 600 binNMUs. This means that the blocking of
uploads previously announced here is no longer in place.

The next transition in the release team's plate is Perl 5.10, and Marc
Brockschmidt will be coordinating it. Other transitions that we've been
notified about and haven't forgotten are:

  * ocaml 3.10.2
  * poppler 0.8.0
  * ffmpeg

Plus some minor ones already in unstable like heimdal and webkit.

If you have a pending transition in one of your packages, please send a
mail to <debian-release@lists.debian.org> to notify that it should be
done at some point, so that we can allocate a slot for it. As always,
you are welcome to upload SONAME-bumping packages to experimental first.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Adeodato Simó

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