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DPL Debate Schedule and Rules

Don't forget, the DPL Debate will be on IRC in #debian-dpl-debate on
irc.debian.org (OFTC) at 20:30 UTC, March 26th 2008, ending at 23:30
UTC, March 26th 2008. Discussion of the debate will occur in
#debian-dpl-discuss on the same network.

The executive summary:

Start at 20:30 UTC
0. Introductions
1. Moderated Debate (3 min/10 line responses, questions sent in early)
-- 5 minute break --
2. Moderated Debate (3 min/10 line responses, questions from audience)
-- 5 minute break --
3. Free For All (45 minutes of insanity) 
4. Closing Remarks
Stop at 23:30 UTC

A call for panelists:

MJ Ray (slef) and myself (dondelelcaro) are currently the only
panelists. We need at least 4 or 5 others to help select questions
from -discuss and help us accurately represent the issues that affect
the project. Please e-mail don@debian.org if you'd like to

A call for questions:

If you have a question that you'd like to see the DPL candidates
squirm to answer in real time, please send it to don@debian.org. We'll
be using these questions in the first half of the debate. [Our as of
yet unknown panelists will also be soliciting the audience for more
questions, so keep thinking of them even if you don't mail them to

The Rules:

This year's debate will be split into three separate sections in an
attempt to get an idea of what each candidate's own opinions are off
the cuff.

The debate will start as as soon as all candidates are present, or no
later than 20:45 UTC. Each section will last approximately 45 minutes,
with a 5 minute break in between sections. The offical debate will
stop no later than 23:30 UTC.

The first two sections will be consist of series of 5-6 questions;
candidates will respond by writing directly to the channel. The first
45 minute period will be questions collected in advance, and the
second will consist of questions collected from the audience during
the debates themselves. Candidates will be recognized by the moderator
before they respond, and will have 3 minutes or 10 lines to respond,
whichever is lesser.

On selected questions, rebuttals will be entertained. Candidates will
have 1.5 minutes or 5 lines to rebut, whichever is lesser.

The moderator will attempt to randomize the order in which candidates
are recognized, but will recognize candidates who wish to speak no
more than 15 seconds after the question is asked.

There will be a 5 minute commerical break between sections.

The third and final section will be a free for all. The moderator will
attempt to ask questions and followup questions from the audience and
get the candidates to engage eachother. Multiple conversations will
begin to occur at once, and multiple questions will be being asked at
once in a massive bout of chaos. Look forward to it!

After about 45 minutes of chaos, the moderator will bring the debate
to a close. Candidates will post any closing remarks that they have to
-discuss and to debian-vote@lists.debian.org.

Logs from all of the channels involved will be made publicly available
after the debate for reference by voters and other interested

Don Armstrong

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