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Bits from the Debian Eee PC team

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[1]Bits from the Debian Eee PC team

   In the past few months in the [2]Debian-EeePC team, a number of
   interesting things have been happening.

   Progress has been made to ensure the Eee's drivers get merged upstream.
   Chris Snook from Red Hat has [3]taken over atl2 upstream and has
   started merging it with the atl1 driver to make a unified atlx driver
   that will be suitable for inclusion in the kernel. As well, there is
   continued progress on the [4]madwifi driver, with a patch now included
   to support version 2.6.24 of the Linux kernel.

   In the meantime, the [5]Debian Eee PC Install HowTo has been under
   constant revision, even gaining recently the beginnings of translations
   in [6]French and [7]German.

   ACPI, another important piece of infrastructure for the Eee, is now
   supported in lenny and sid through Eric Cooper's [8]eeepc-acpi kernel
   module. This is a fork of the asus-acpi module renamed so that it won't
   conflict with the in-tree version. It turns out that asus-acpi is
   deprecated, having been replaced by asus-laptop. Eric has been in touch
   with the asus-laptop maintainer to ensure the Eee-specific bits are
   merged so that we can eventually retire our forked version.

   There still remains at the top of our [9]Todo list the issue of ACPI
   scripts to go with the kernel module. Having at first considered
   patching acpi-support, we have decided instead to start with [10]Eric's
   own scripts which will be packaged shortly for Debian. This gives us
   more freedom to tinker before considering submitting patches to more
   general laptop support packages like acpi-support.

   Finally, after Brendan M. had to send his Eee back to Asus for repairs,
   work stopped for a while on the [11]custom debian-eeepc installer.
   Fortunately, he just got his system back from the shop as good as new
   and has returned with renewed vigor to that task. He has produced a new
   version of the installer which we are now testing.

   Thanks to the efforts of numerous users and developers who are being
   added to our ranks daily, we expect by the time Lenny releases we will
   be well on our way to providing a pure Debian solution for the Eee.
   Whether or not everything needed for the Eee is in Lenny at that time
   remains to be seen. We need to allow for how long it takes to get new
   drivers into the kernel. But if we miss the release, we will certainly
   provide backports and look forward to full support in the following


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