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Role account whitelisting on alioth

Hi all,

It looks like we have whitelisting for certain role addresses working
correctly on alioth's mailman.  Those interested in how you do these
things (I had no idea mailman was so flexible) can take a look at the
DebianWhitelist mailman handler on alioth.

So, the good news is maintainers can stop having to worry about
whitelisting mail from the BTS and dak and so on.  This should stop
some of the annoyance for people who handle those various role accounts,
and also make sure maintainers actually get to see the mail instead of
having to manage the mailing list interface all the time.  So, if you
have some manual whitelisting for debian role accounts in your lists,
feel free to drop it now.  If you read mail for a role account and
get killed with 'pending' messages, let us know.  

M-F-T set to -devel, but you can send new addresses either to myself or
to admins@alioth.

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|  : :' :                                        sgran@debian.org |
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