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ftp.debian.org update


We're going to be changing ftp.debian.org setup a bit... but first,
a friendly reminder.

Many people seem to think that ftp.debian.org is the canonical location of
Debian packages and that it will be best for them to use that site for apt
or for mirroring. This is *not true*.

ftp.debian.org is merely one of several servers that get updated from an
internal Debian server. That address is presently located on a single server
in the United States, and it still exists mainly for backwards

In the future, it may get services reduced, or shut down, or converted into
a globally load-balanced name, or whatever. Please don't use it.

If you're using it now, please switch to a country-based DNS name
such as ftp.us.debian.org, ftp.ca.debian.org, ftp.uk.debian.org, ...
The list of those servers is at http://www.debian.org/mirror/list

Now, back to the current business. Because of local disk space issues,
ftp.d.o has had intermittent problems over the past few months, and right
now it's simply not able to update the debian archive. It's currently
carrying a full mirror of oldstable, and a 'debian-typical' mirror
(i386, amd64, source) of everything else (stable, testing, unstable).

We'll have to reduce the size of its mirror of oldstable as well, so
that it keeps enough free disk space to be able to update what it has.

(Some time ago, we have contacted all registered mirrors rsyncing off that
machine asking them to switch to a better place. All mirrors with reasonably
responsive maintainers will not be affected; those who have ignored our
advice might notice changes.)

Josip Rodin

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