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Bits from the Alioth team

Hi all,

  Thanks to Luca Cappello's assistance (and friendly nagging), as well
as invaluable help from several people whose python is better than mine
(and to DSA for setting up DNS so quickly), the Alioth team is proud to
announce YARCS (Yet Another Revision Control System).  Alioth can
now host your Darcs repositories in pretty much the same way as it can
host your CVS, Subversion, Arch/Bazaar, Bzr, Hg and Git repositories.
Please refer to http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/darcs for details.

  I think we've now covered just about every free revision control system
I've heard of, but if we've missed your favorite VCS, then come along
to channel #alioth on irc.debian.org, and nag us (gently) into setting
up the whole thing.

Additionally, the pkg-perl and python-modules projects are now set up to
allow write access from any Debian developer.  Other projects wishing to
be set up with the same ACLs just need to ask.

Support for anonymous bzr checkout via the smart server is now enabled.
You can use a bzr:// URL for checkouts from bzr.debian.org.

~/public_git and ~/public_darcs directories are now browseable on
http://git.debian.org and http://darcs.debian.org, respectively.

on behalf of the Alioth team.
|   ,''`.                                            Stephen Gran |
|  : :' :                                        sgran@debian.org |
|  `. `'                        Debian user, admin, and developer |
|    `-                                     http://www.debian.org |

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