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[RFH] Listmaster team needs more manpower

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the current listmaster team needs a bit more manpower, so we currently
look for 2-4 persons who would be willing to help out with
listmastering. Before you consider to nominate yourself, please read
below some requirements:

  * You must be a Debian developer. Please include your name, and
    Debian username on your application. The position will entail work
    that requires login access to Debian machines which is only
    available to developers. (obligatory)

  * You must have time to kill. Ideally a whole lot of time. Doing the
    listmaster job is doing much grunt work, like adapting our filters
    to the new spam waves, helping users to (un)subscribe or adding new
    lists. (obligatory)

  * It's fine with us if you want to change the world, but we'd like you
    to see how we're doing things before you propose changing everything.

  * You need to know procmail, postfix and spamassassin by heart, and
    ideally speak Perl fluently. Most of our list software is Perl and
    procmail. (preferable)

  * Really helpful would be, if you live in GMT-[5-8] or GMT+[5-9] (read
    as in: not in Europe) and read/write one of the following languages:
    Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanise, Russian, Korean or some
    Arabian language. (optional)

Being listmaster is sometimes quite boring and time consuming. If you
still think your are the right person for this job, feel free to contact
us at listmaster@lists.debian.org.


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