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Public service announcement: Please don't upload ffmpeg/flac/vte/apt/gail/eel/... r-dependencies


The release of etch has triggered a lot of uploads of new major library
versions. Though this is all very fine and helps to establish Debian
sid's Gentoo experience, it creates problems for the release team to
update packages in testing. We have invested quite a lot of time to get
the jasper and curl SONAME changes into lenny, which went mostly well
without troubling the rest of the project.

The next bigger block of packages that needs to go in together are
eel2, gail, nautilus-cd-burner, flac, ffmpeg, vte,
jack-audio-connection-kit, wavpack, apt and *all* their direct
reverse dependencies. As this involves quite a few packages, getting all
of them ready for transition takes some time. We have been able to fix a
lot of problems and should be ready to hint everything into lenny in
the next few days without breaking too much, but this will only work out
if you hold uploads of packages involved in this transition for a few
more days.

If you are unsure if you should upload your package, send a mail to
debian-release@lists.debian.org or ping us on #debian-release.

Please try to help - god is running out of kittens!

Debian Release Assistant

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