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BTS subscription fixed

The mechanism that allows to subscribe to bug reports in the Debian BTS 
has been broken for some time (how long exactly is unknown).

The problem only affected bug reports for which no "mailing list" existed 
yet. Basically this means that if you subscribed to a bug report but 
never received a mail asking to confirm the subscription, you were not 
subscribed and will have missed any mails sent to that bug report.

Note that if you did receive a confirmation for your subscription to a bug 
report, you will not have missed any mails for that bug report due to 
this issue.

The system works again now. You will need to subscribe again for any 
subscriptions that were lost. You may also want to review the bug history 
in the BTS for those bug reports.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Frans Pop
Debian Listmaster

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