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Alioth upgraded

  Hi again,

  As announced, alioth.debian.org was upgraded from sarge to etch
today.  A few things have changed in the process.

- Mailman changed the location of the mailing-list pages.  The Gforge
  pages have been updated to take that into account, but you might
  need to update your bookmarks.

- Subversion's new /usr/lib/subversion/hook-scripts/commit-email.pl
  script complains if you don't pass it a hostname (with "-h
  alioth.debian.org").  We've locally (and temporarily) patched that
  script, but you should really check your Subversion hook scripts.

- More generally, you should make sure your scripts now work with the
  etch versions of the packaged programs: commit hooks, cron jobs, and
  so on.

- If you're using a locally installed application that is available in
  etch, by all means tell us, as we'd quite like to consolidate these
  apps (many of them seem to be forgotten yet stay around, and keep
  potential security problems open).

  I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that Alioth is meant
to be a piece of infrastructure to help collaborative work on Debian
rather than a generic hosting facility.  SCM repositories and
mailing-lists are 100% on-topic, obviously, and we can't find anything
wrong with package repositories either, but remember Alioth is shared
among hundreds of projects and thousands of users, and it sometimes
encounters load problems.  If these problems become too frequent,
we'll have to have a closer look at where the resources go.  In
particular, I'd like to stress that even though crond is a nifty part
of any Unix system, sometimes there are other ways (daemon mode,
inotify, commit hooks, and so on).  And even when there are none, do
you really need to run your script every minute?  (For the record:
crontab lines starting with an asterisk on its own *are* run every
minute, during certain hours.)

on behalf of the Alioth team.
Roland Mas

If you're ever confused as to which mode you're in, keep entering the
<escape> key until vi beeps at you.  -- nvi manual page.

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