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Alioth upgrade

Hi all,

We (the Alioth team) plan to upgrade Alioth (and possibly Wagner, the
dom0 underneath) from Sarge to Etch this coming Sunday (2007-05-13).
We'll try to be careful, but you may notice some downtime of the
services.  There shouldn't be much difference afterwards, apart from
newer software (and newer available software, and less software
installed from backports).

  Since Raphaël, Stephen and myself live within two $TZ stops from one
another, we'll try to stick to daytime hours as experienced in Western

  We'd appreciate if you could disable your cron tasks during that
day, as it will make life easier for everyone (nobody likes a script
running two versions of the same program at the same time).  Feel free
to follow #alioth on irc.debian.org, and/or send your problem reports
to admin@alioth.debian.org if the support request tracker is down.

Roland Mas

In every life you got some trouble, when you worry you make it double.
  -- in Don't worry, be happy (Bobby McFerrin)

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