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Alioth goes Mercurial

  Hi all,

Due to popular pressure from a certain Mr. Goerzen, and since that
friendly nagging was expressed in the form of a script and help to set
it up, the Alioth team is proud to announce one more step on the path
to World Domination (phase 1: version control systems).  In more
concrete terms, this means that Alioth can now host your Mercurial
repositories in pretty much the same way as it can host your CVS,
Subversion, Arch/Bazaar, Bzr and Git repositories.

  Please refer to http://wiki.debian.org/AliothHg for a few details,
and take turns flooding our support requests tracker.

  Aficionados of other version control systems are invited to take a
look at the current (mostly empty) contents of /srv/hg.debian.org/,
and propose the equivalent scripts/configuration for their preferred
VCS.  Then hop along to channel #alioth on irc.debian.org, and nag us
(gently) into setting up the whole thing.

  Happy mercurialling, or h-g-ing, or however you pronounce that.

on behalf of the Alioth team.
Roland Mas

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