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db.debian.org (and related infrastructure) updates

Here's some news on recent db.debian.org changes that are now available:

The LDAP schema has been updated to include several new fields:
	* Date of Birth (developer-only visible)
	* Gender (world visible)
	* Mail disable message
	* Mail greylisting
	* Mail sender verification callouts
	* Mail whitelist
	* Mail RBL list
	* Mail RHSBL list

The exim4 config has been updated to make use of these new fields, giving developers the ability to:
	* disable their @debian.org email address entirely with a message of their choosing at SMTP reject time
	* specify a whitelist that will be immune to the newly added checks
	* enable greylisting and sender verification callouts
	* specify RBL and RHSBL lists to be checked at SMTP time

The mail gateway, web scripts, and userdir-ldap command line interface have all been updated to deal with the new fields.

Some developers who were causing backscatter on master.debian.org have had some of the features enabled already to match what they had attempted to configure on master.  Please remember that greylisting, RBLs, and sender verification callouts are all SMTP time defenses that only work when active on the first real mail host that accepts mail for a given email address.  Enabling them on a later host will just cause mail delay and backscatter between the later host and the initially accepting host, unless the initial host is whitelisted.  Most of the mail delays and backlog on master over the past several months have been caused by people enabling greylisting or callouts without whitelisting master from the checks.

To enable the new features, visit the login page at
https://db.debian.org/login.html or send signed email to change@db.debian.org with something like this:

birthDate: 20061225
mailGreylisting: TRUE
mailCallout: TRUE
mailrbl sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org
mailrbl ...
mailrhsbl rhsrbl.example.org
mailrhsbl ...
mailwhitelist hostname/ip
mailwhitelist ...

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