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Alioth upgrade -- done

Hi all,

The Alioth migration and upgrade seems to have worked out mostly okay.
You are therefore encouraged to test and use the new and improved
alioth.debian.org, and report problems if you find any.

  The new SSH server keys for Alioth are:
...:/etc/ssh# for i in *.pub ; do ssh-keygen -l -f $i ; done
1024 fe:65:bb:fc:43:81:5a:c0:5c:84:b7:cc:62:58:3c:64 ssh_host_dsa_key.pub
1024 f7:fa:20:ca:10:15:ad:a4:43:5d:1c:21:fa:10:da:a9 ssh_host_rsa_key.pub

  Your $HOME from the old Alioth (haydn) has been migrated.  Your
$HOME from costa has been migrated too, and is available in
~/COSTA_home.  Similarly, your crontab from haydn has been migrated,
and your crontab from costa is available in ~/COSTA_crontab.

  Any remaining problems should be sent to the usual suspects,
(admin@alioth.debian.org or #alioth on IRC).

  Have fun!

on behalf of the Alioth team.
Roland Mas

In every life you got some trouble, when you worry you make it double.
  -- in Don't worry, be happy (Bobby McFerrin)

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