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Debian internationalisation server is available

(sent on behalf of Felipe Augusto van de Wiel and Nicolas François)


The first Debian Internationalisation meeting took place from September
7th 2006 to September 9th 2006 in Casar de Caceres, Extremadura,

During this meeting, a server, dedicated for the Debian
internationalisation activities, was setup.
It is now publicly available on:


The server is hosted by the Junta de Extremadura datacenter, in Badajoz,

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel is the main server administrator, helped by
César Gómez Martín as local contact.

This server will be used to build the Debian internationalisation

It currently runs a Pootle server *for test purpose only*, and chrooted
environments for alternative or complementary software (for instance, Eddy
Petrişor began working on setting up an implementation of transdict).

It is also used to extract the localisation material of the Debian packages.
This service used to be hosted on
or  http://people.debian.org/~pmachard/l10n/material/
and is now available on

You can also ask the admin team for the inclusion of other Debian
internationalisation services (robots, etc.).

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