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change of the default python version (status)


In the past weeks more than 90% of the first batch of bug reports
filed by Pierre Habouzit for the Python transition are currently
solved.  These reports were filed mainly for packages providing public
python modules.  Maybe it's a good chance to drop the not yet updated
packages from testing.  Another batch of bug reports has been filed
for all remaining packages having private python modules, which mostly
need to be byte-compiled on the change of the python version. About
25% of the bugs were fixed in the past days [1].

Some packages may need more changes during an update of the default
python version (i.e. setting an alternative, restarting a daemon).
These packages can either provide their own upgrade scripts (run
during the update of the default python version), or continue to use
the old dependency on exactly the current python version to ensure
that the package is updated together with the default python version
and use the normal installation/removal scripts.  Preliminary
documentation of the upgrade scripts can be found at [2]

To test the transition, the python packages in the experimental
distribution can be used.

Unless major errors are found during test upgrades, the python version
changing the default to 2.4 will be uploaded this week.

When the new default version is transitioned to testing, we will drop
support for python2.3 (plone, the last package using it, now is
supported with python2.4 and zope2.9) and maybe add python2.5 to the
list of supported python versions.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?submitter=madcoder-python-transition@debian.org
[2] http://people.debian.org/~doko/tmp/python-rtupdate.txt

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