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Bits from the Package Tracking System

Hello everybody,

here are some news about the latest changes made to the Package Tracking

New derivatives keyword

The PTS will be used to relay informations from derivative distributions.
Therefore, a new keyword "derivatives" has been implemented. By default, a
PTS subscriber won't receive the messages associated to this keyword
unless he has already manually activated the "cvs" keyword (i.e. the set
of users having the "derivatives" keyword has been initialized as the set of
users having the "cvs" keyword because those people can read patches and
are most probably interested in them).

The Ubuntu distribution will be the first to make use of this new feature.
Each time that a new package is uploaded to Ubuntu, the PTS will receive
the diff between the new version and the previous one. This way we'll
receive regularly small patches instead of having only a big monolithic
patch on http://patches.ubuntu.com/ (those will continue to be updated
anyway). Those mails will look like this:

The maintainer can thus subscribe to this specific keyword and be informed
when Ubuntu introduces changes to their Debian package.

Other derivatives distributions are encouraged to follow this path and to
at least make patches available if they don't have the time to properly
submit them via the BTS. Feel free to contact me to work out
implementation details for the PTS integration.

To subscribe to specific keywords only, the simplest is to use the online
form on the left colum on each page of the PTS. Just type your email and
select "advanced mode". http://packages.qa.debian.org/<srcpackage>
Check out the documentation if you want to use the mail bot:

Changing keyword on all subscriptions

The control bot has been expanded to support new commands to add/remove
keyword on all subscriptions. People who are subscribed to packages with
the cvs keyword and which do not wish to receive the mails sent to the new 
"derivatives" keyword can send one of those commands to
pts@qa.debian.org to deactivate this last keyword in all their
keywordall - derivatives
keywordall my-own-email@example.com - derivatives

On the contrary people who want to have the "derivatives" keyword on all
their subscriptions can use one of those commands:
keywordall + derivatives
keywordall my-own-email@example.com + derivatives

(Of course it also works with the usual keywords)

Automatic bounce handling

Since I couldn't handle the amount of bounces generated by the BTS, I
decided to use VERP and I wrote a bounce handler. You will now get
automatically unsubscribed if all the mails sent to you during 3 different
days have bounced. This scheme works well to not unsubscribe people
rejecting spam that we (unfortunately) relay sometimes via the BTS, but to
effectively unsubscribe emails that really stopped working. 

Help is always needed

Thanks to Filipo and Jeroen who are helping on a more or less regular
basis. More help is always needed, check out the PTS page to find out
things to do: 

Raphaël Hertzog

Premier livre français sur Debian GNU/Linux :

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