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Moving irc.debian.org to OFTC

For a long time, irc.debian.org has been provided as a service by
Freenode [1], the well-known Free Software friendly IRC network.
However, as time has passed, more and more of our discussions have
instead been taking place on OFTC, the Open and Free Technology
Community [2]. In recognition of that, we have decided to move the
irc.debian.org alias over to use OFTC. OFTC is also a sister
organisation of Debian, as both are supported and represented by
Software in the Public Interest, Inc. [3]

We wish to thank Freenode for their support over the years, and wish
them every success in the future.

IRC clients configured to connect to irc.debian.org (as with most IRC
clients packaged in Debian) should need no changes by users wishing to
follow the changeover, but long-running clients may need to be
reconnected or restarted. Developers will be on hand in most of the
common development channels on both networks in case any help is

The date of this network changeover will be Sunday the 4th of
June. The change may take a few hours to propagate through the DNS
system on that day.

[1] http://freenode.net/
[2] http://www.oftc.net/oftc/
[3] http://www.spi-inc.org/

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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