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AMD64: etch and uploads

Hi all,

The amd64 architecture has been added to etch, and over the next few
weeks (particularly as the X.org changes get worked out) should become
fairly complete. amd64 in etch should be debootstrapable at this point,
and usable in some situations, but is obviously pretty limited while it
doesn't have X. Hopefully this will improve pretty rapidly.

Developers with amd64 machines are also now able to upload new versions
of their package built locally (rather than in an i386 chroot) -- but
in order to ensure dependencies are calculated correctly, please make
sure you're building using Debian unstable and not packages from Ubuntu
or the unofficial debian-amd64 archive; using pbuilder or debootstrap
to create a chroot build environment might be helpful in this case.

AMD64 is also now included in the buildd graphs, eg:

      -- how much of the archive is built

      -- how much of the built portion of the archive is up to date


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