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The future of the amd64 port


as some of you already noticed amd64 is now included in Debian unstable
and soon in testing also[1]. This renders parts of amd64.debian.net
unnecessary now (but please read on, especially mirror admins the last
paragraph, thanks).

As inclusion of AMD64 in Debian is now at a point where unstable nearly
has all packages built[2] we are at the point to move on with this
archive. We therefore decided on the following plan, which should give
the smoothest possible transition:

0. Users of stable: *NOTHING* changes for you. You can skip the rest.
   Sarge will always be on amd64.debian.net and its mirrors, security
   for it will always be on security.debian.org. You only need to change
   something if you upgrade to etch later, but if you stay with sarge
   you can skip the rest of this mail.

1. amd64.debian.net will stop its own buildd and import source and
   binaries from Debian.

2. This method will be used until Debian etch is synced so far that
   debian-installer can install an etch system only using debian mirrors
   (and the CD-guys can built etch images only using debian mirrors).

3. At the time point 2 happens we will stop updating the amd64.debian.net
   unstable/testing tree, 2 weeks later we will remove them.

4. Users of unstable are encouraged to change their
   /etc/apt/sources.list to point to a Debian mirror now.

5. Users of testing need to wait a bit more, until Debian testing
   includes enough amd64 packages. That should be soon.[3]

Mirror Admins:

Please do *not* delete amd64 out of your configs. We will delete the
unstable and etch part only (and free some space on your machines with
it), but keep sarge for its whole lifetime (which means as long as the
security team supports it after etch is released). You dont need to do
anything, we still need you.

[1] Thanks to the hard work of the/our buildd admin(s).
[2] Modulo those that are now RC-Buggy due to FTBFS and need a new
    upload and also modulo those that will get removed soon (like old
    python versions).
[3] Well, if not you will notice the 404s you get back from the archive
    when we drop it, after having a period of no updates. :)

bye Joerg
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