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Call for papers for Debian Day, May 13th 2006, Oaxtepec, Mexico

The annual Debian Developers Conference for 2006 (DebConf6) [1] will be
held in Oaxtepec, México, from May 14th 2006 to May 22nd 2006.
Immediately preceding the conference, a seperate event, "Debian Day" [2]
will take place (Saturday, May 13th).

Debian Day is filled with talks dedicated towards showing companies,
local organisations, and the public in general what the Debian Project
is, and why Debian is important to support.

We are inviting knowledgeable people to submit their presentations for
Debian Day. The presentations should be easy to understand, very clear and
concise in their content, and not require any previous knowledge of
Debian from the audience.

As most of the public for this day will be Mexican, Spanish is the
preferred language for the presentations, English is acceptable if you
are unable to submit your paper in Spanish. We are particularly
interested in talks that include and explain the following topics:
 The freedoms of Free Software
 The Debian policy
 The Debian social contract
 The Debian project
 Other Debian-related topics, including (but by no means limited to!) how
 to contribute to the project are also welcomed.

The complete list of requirements and the process for submission can be
found at the Debian Day site [3].

[1] http://www.debconf.org
[2] http://www.debianday.org
[3] http://www.debconf.org/debianday/cfp/

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