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DebConf6: Final call for sponsorship requests


DebConf6 will take place from the 14 May to the 22th 2006 in Oaxtepec,
Mexico.  It is preceded by an unofficial work camp called "debcamp",
from the 6th to the 12th of May. 
On the 13th May, Debian Day, an information day for users, the press and
Important People will be held. This will be mostly in spanish, and
partly translated.

To be able to plan and budget for this we ask people who need travel
support to tell us as early as possible. This is done so that we might
take advance of the cheaper flight prices and special offers that can be

Time is now running out to request sponsorship. We're going to start
working out how large our budget is, and so we need all requests in not
later than 2005-01-15 23:59:59 UTC

This is a final date, and you NEED to submit your application (at
https://www.debconf.org/comas/attendees) before this date. If for any
reason you cannot make this date, you need to contact us ASAP to arrange
an extension. You can get through to us at

Details of the process can be found at

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