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Debian miniconf@LCA2006: call for presentations

The LCA Debian miniconf is on again!  23/24 January 2006, at Dunedin, New
Zealand, as part of the annual Geek migration to the warmer climes of the
southern hemisphere known as linux.conf.au.
Of course, you can't have a Debian miniconf without presentations.  So you
(yes, you!) need to do a presentation.  It's so easy:

* Think of something vaguely Debian-related to talk about (you can do a
presentation on your cat if you like, but only if your cat uses Debian);

* E-mail jon@ivt.com.au with your talk idea;

* Turn up to Dunedin as a registered attendee of the main conference, and 
	make your presentation.

You don't even have to do your slides in advance!  In fact, it's actively
discouraged, so your presentation can be as up-to-the-minute as possible. 
At least, that was my excuse last year...

Each talk slot is nominally an hour long, but you can fill out the time with
questions, controversy, or whatever you like.  Remember, 'nominally' is a
weasel word for "not really, but we'd like to think so".

What can you talk about?  Anything Debian related.  Need some examples?

* Tell us about your personal method of maintaining packages.

* Got a rant bottled up that you want to share?  No better way to expunge a
	brewing rant than with accompanying slides.

* Tech tutorials are always helpful.  Ever wished that *every* package used
	$BUILD_SYSTEM_OF_CHOICE?  Teach us how to use it and your wish may
	come true.
* Stories of grand successes or dismal failures are always interesting,
	either for celebration or commisseration purposes.

* Are you involved in a team in Debian that doesn't get the Love it deserves?
	Enhance your profile by telling the world about your success.

E-mail those talk ideas to jon@ivt.com.au -- we really want to hear from
you! For more info, or to check on what talks have been confirmed already,
see http://miniconf5.debconf.org/.

Jon Oxer & Matt Palmer

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