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DebConf6: generic sponsorship offer

DebConf6 will take place from the 14 May to the 22th 2006 in
Oaxtepec, Mexico.  It is preceded by an unofficial work camp
called "debcamp", from the 6th to the 12th of May. 

On the 13th May, Debian Day, an information day for users, the
press and Important People will be held. This will be mostly in
spanish, and partly translated.

To be able to plan and budget for this we ask people who need
travel support to tell us as early as possible. This is done so
that we might take advance of the cheaper flight prices and
special offers that can be found.

Are you interested in attending DebConf6, but can't afford the
entire trip?  
Are you working on any aspect of Debian?  

If so, please register at
https://www.debconf.org/comas/attendees/new and make sure you tag
the "Yes" radio button to the question "Will you require travel

Please ensure you specify:
- the area you work on within Debian
- the approximate travel costs, if booked well in advance
  (accomodation and food is taken care of)
- how much of those costs are you able to pay yourself
- your contact information (phone required)

We, the DebConf6 organizers together with the DPL, will apply
some common sense and fuzzy-logic filters and match the incoming
requests against our vague idea of how the budget will look like
and come back to you for further planning and information before
February 17th 2006 (11 Weeks ahead of debcamp).

We will try to handle this process in a semi-open way. It will be
kept private to some extent as many people are not comfortable
about sharing travel dates and intentions publicly and might feel
that their financial make up is a private issue. 

The decisions about sponsorship won't be drawn by lot or decided
on arbitrarily but according to our general consensus.

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