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master's mail backlog and upgrade time

merulo is being upgraded to new hardware and sarge early next week.  Current
data will be synced across, and should make working on the ia64 port much

gluck, master, klecker, and pergolesi are the debian.org systems that are
currently up that are still running woody.  I plan to upgrade all of the
systems early next week.  As both gluck and master have a lot of user
scripts, and host several debian.org vhosts, now is the time to start looking
over what you have running there, and seeing if it is ready for the three
years of updates between woody and sarge.

Please email me if you have any specific concerns, packages that you
will need installed after the upgrade, or would like to be around
during the upgrade.  If you want to be around during the upgrade,
please let me know what times work best for you, and I'll see what can be
worked out between everyone and all the services on each system.

Also, I've investigated the mail backlog on master and found the main
problem.  The mail queue is currently full of email that will never be
able to be delivered, all for one particular user.  This mail is being
removed from the queue, and the setup changed to not deliver to the
problem address.  Once this is finished (a few days), mail latency for
mail moving through master should be greatly improved.

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