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Debian menu transition, part 2

Dear Debian developers,

Starting with the upload of menu 2.1.26, we enter stage 2 of the menu

First some statistics about stage 1:
1196 menu entries out of 2192 have moved to /usr/share/menu, which
is 55%, which is more than what I expected. Keep up this pace
and Etch /usr/lib/menu will be nearly empty.

Stage 2 transition :

(It is also fully forward and backward compatible).

Sarge ships with two symlinks:
/usr/bin/su-to-root --> /usr/sbin/su-to-root
/usr/bin/install-menu --> /usr/sbin/install-menu

In Etch the file and symlink has been swapped, and the prefered location
is the one in /usr/bin.

Menu files that use su-to-root should now reference it without the
/usr/sbin prefix (since it is in the path).

Menu-methods should change theirs first lines from

Finally the wm-menu-config script have been dropped. Sarge packages
maintainers scripts do not need it to function properly.

Thanks for your attention,
Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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