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Meetings archive set up and online


I'm pleased to announce the permanent availability of an archive in which Debian 
can preserve materials (video, audio, slides, example code used, etc.) 
gathered, used at or derived from real life meetings. 

It is located at http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/ 
and stuff from three gatherings has already been collected there:

- videos and slides from the Debian QA-meeting in Darmstadt.de
- videos and dvds from debconf5 in Helsinki.fi
- slides from Debian Day at Linuxtag 2005 in Karlsruhe.de

Currently I maintain the contents of this archive on my own, but I'll be more 
than happy to group maintain it :-) If you intend to join or just comment, 
please post a followup to the debian-project mailinglist. 

Thanks to Mattias Wadenstein of Academic Computer Club of Umeå University, 
Martin Zobel-Helas and Jörg Jaspert for setting up the technical infrastructure 
to make meetings-archives.d.n possible!

Also many thanks to the University of Tilburg, Wessel Dankers and Jeroen van 
Wolffelaar for help, hosting and bandwidth for http://dc5video.debian.net ! 
This service is now obsolete but the URL shall redirect to the proper directory 
at meeting-archives.d.n at least until after debconf6.

Two final minor remarks:
- Low quality ogg theora files are available now, as are good beta quality DVDs 
  of the debconf5 videos (which cover all given talks, btw). Final DVDs, slides, 
  low-quality mpegs and high-quality ogg theoras are still missing. 
- The round of introductions from the QA meetings still needs some editing 
  before it can be published. Help in authoring a DVD would also be very much 


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