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Work done on the WNPP front


In these last days, some work has been done in the Work-Needing and
Prospective Packages front.

Three massive closings were done within the RFP (request for package)
and ITP (intent to package) WNPPs, and one more was done to the ITA
(intent to adopt) ones.

The first one, last week, threw 729 bugs closed. 156 of those were ITPs
and 573 were RFPs. All of those were bugs with a lifetime older than 600
days. The ITPs were consulted manually and the RFPs were just closed
querying their debbugsDate on the bts2ldap gateway.

The second one, on Wednesday, was completely automatized. Logs of bugs
were parsed to check last activity on them, so we could be sure (or
close to sure) the WNPP bug had no activity at all. We did this second
closing on the ITPs and RFPs older than 450 days. The number of bugs
closed was happily reduced (because of checking the time of inactivity)
to 140: 67 ITPs and 73 RFPs.

The third one was sent yesterday afternoon (UTC -5, over here). Bugs
with an inactivity greater than 365 days were closed, using the same
mechanism as the previous one. This time 110 bugs were closed: 56 ITPs
and 54 RFPs.

A fourth shoot was intended a couple of minutes ago on the ITA bugs. The
ITAs were a little bit different. Since they represent existing
packages, the mechanism used here was intended to close bugs, but
retitling into O. ITAs are a very sensitive part of the WNPP chunk. An
automatic retitling for ITAs with an inactivity greater than 250 days
was launched, but it didn't return any bug retitled, which is great
since at least this shows there is some activity on the BTS regarding
these bugs.

A nice count of 979 inactive ITPs and RFPs were closed, on summary. And
around 25 were reopened by their owners/submitters, who are very
motivated (on the mail sent as explanation) to reopen those bugs if they
feel it is needed or useful.

All of these closings will be done permanently once a day from now on.
ITPs and RFPs with one year of inactivity will be closed. ITAs with 250
days of inactivity will be retitled into O and will drop the current
owner, if exists. A template for the mail sent to the bugs can be found

Hereby I would like to ask all of those people working on the WNPP bugs
by pinging them to stop doing it, since that would make each bug time
counter to "reset" (by showing activity).

All bugs processed by these scripts are reported over here:

If you are curious or want to help (especially since I'm not the guruest
Perl programmer), don't hesitate to take a look at ~damog/bts-wnpp on
merkel. You will find answers to lots of questions there :)

All this mess was done just before Mohammed Adnène Trojette, Clément
Stenac and Marc Brockschmidt start working by tagging remaining WNPP
bugs with interesting notes (go, guys!):

Any further comments are appreciated and welcome.

David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net>   | http://www.damog.net/
                   <damog@debian.org>  |         GPG: C671257D
  Por mi raza, hablará el espíritu.

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