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wanted: sponsors for developer gatherings

This is a call for sponsors to donate locations, work and money for
debian developer gatherings.


SLX Debian Labs has funded and organized numerous developer gatherings
in the past (e.g. for debian-edu, debian-installer or the release
team). They are highly effective to solve problems in small groups and
normally more fun then working at home alone. Especially problems that
require group discussion and focused cooperation over an extended
periode of time would best be solved during such gatherings. Debian
should have many such gatherings whenever they are needed. In order to
have more of them help from sponsors would be welcome. Gatherings in
planning that i know of are debian-qa, debian-java, debian-installer
and debian-edu. 


The standard of living during such gatherings is usually not
high. People sleep on (air)mattresses on the floor, perhaps in the
same building they hack on or at local peoples's place in order to
keep costs low. Food (simple breakfast/brunch and dinner) could be
provided. Travel costs for people who have contributed to the
particular project (e.g. debian-installer) before and who can not
afford the trip themself were usually payed for. A location can be
chosen to minimize travel costs for all participants.

These ground rules allow for very cost efficient yet productive

How to sponsor

- Locations should have good network conectivity, preferably
  usable computers and wireless. Several big rooms for working
  and seperate ones in close proximity for sleeping are a plus.
  Otherwise benevolent local residents with room for developers
  to crash at would be nice.

- Work is needed to prepare the location before and after the
  event. Shopping for supplies (breakfast/brunch), finding
  suitable places for dinner, providing travel instructions and
  perhaps picking people up from the airport all take time and

- Money is needed for paying the food and travel bills. Debian
  has several accounts around the world. If you would like to
  know where you can transfer money without additional fees
  please contact me and i will try to find a debian account near
  you.  In order to keep track of what money is intended for
  these kind of gatherings, please note this both on the money
  transfere/cheque and mail me so we know what is incoming and
  can plan accordingly. If you want to donate money to one small
  gathering specificially that is possible as well. 

If you have an idea for a specific gathering or would like to
organize one and have further questions (e.g. about planning
gatherings) please contact me, too.

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