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Security Support AMD64 Sarge


as already written long ago it was always planned to get amd64 on
security.debian.org to have the easiest possible way of official support
From the Debian Security Team.

This now finally happened, thanks to James Troup.

Note: This does *NOT* change anything with regard to inclusion of amd64
into the official Debian archive. Not a single bit! It is *completly*
isolated from that. Any flames in that direction: Sent it to me, not to
any ftp-master! (Or better: Dont flame, be productive and fix RC Bugs!)

Ok, back to the Topic:
Joey Schulze from the Security Team offered to do an accumulative
security announce, covering all the amd64 packages which now get added
for all the past advisories[1], so expect one big DSA in the near future.
(ETA is Monday at the moment).
All new DSAs from now on will simply include amd64.

The deb line for your sources.list is exactly the same as for all other
architectures, so use
deb http://security.debian.org/ sarge/updates main contrib
and have fun.

[1] All of them available from our stable-proposed-updates on
    amd64.debian.net which helped us over the waiting time.

bye Joerg
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