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The BTS and bug subscriptions

Hi everyone,

One of the oft-requested features for the BTS had been the ability to
subscribe to bugs.

It is now possible to subscribe and unsubscribe from individual bugs in
the Bug Tracking System. To do so, simply send an email to
nnn-subscribe@bugs.debian.org, or nnn-unsubscribe@bugs.debian.org, where
nnn is the bug number you wish to {,un}subscribe to. You will then need to
reply to the confirmation email for the action to take effect.

You will then receive any emails sent to the bug number, as well as
related messages such as bug closing messages.

This can be pretty useful to:
	-Keep track of bugs that affect you
	-Know when bug 400,000 gets filed
	-Monitor your NMs
	-Do many other things...

Many thanks to Joachim Breitner and Don Armstrong who provided most of
the code, Anthony Towns and Colin Watson for their advice, and everyone
at Debconf who piped in with suggestions along the way.


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