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new delegates: Package Policy Committee

I'm pleased to announce the delegation (under §5.1.1 of the Debian
Constitution[1]) of formal authority to the present team of editors who handle
the Debian Policy Manual[2].

I hereby appoint the following individuals to serve as delegates of the Debian
Project Leader, in the role of members (including a chair) of a Package Policy

    * Manoj Srivastava, chair
    * Andreas Barth
    * Matt Zimmerman

The Package Policy Committee shall have authority to:
* maintain one or more documents defining standards of Debian technical
  policy applicable to the content of software and other works distributed
  by the Debian Project as components of its products ("packages");
* define levels of conformance with the above standards they establish and
  document; and
* publish authoritative findings regarding the degree of conformance that
  packages exhibit with respect to the above standards.

All members of the Package Policy Committee are delegates of the Debian
Project Leader.

The Package Policy Committee shall have a chair, appointed to the post by
the Debian Project Leader, who serves as the official representative of
the Committee to the Debian Project Leader.

It is the sense of the Debian Project Leader that while overlap in
membership between the Package Policy Committee and the Technical Committee
(see §6 of the Debian Constitution) is permitted, at least one member of the
Package Policy Committee should not be a member of the Technical Committee.
Ideally, provided sufficiently qualified and trusted individuals are available
to fill both teams, there should be little overlap in membership, so that the
bodies have mutual independence.

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution
[2] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/

G. Branden Robinson
Debian Project Leader

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