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AMD64 CDs and DVDs released


A little later than the rest of the architectures, we are now ready to
announce the availability of CDs (businesscard, netinst and full) and
DVDs for AMD64.

As AMD64 is unofficial, the URL for downloading the images is slightly
different to that used for the officially-released sarge


These CDs and DVDs have been built by the same team that built the
official sarge CDs and DVDs, using the same software. They are
therefore available in the same formats as for the official
architectures (jigdo, isos, torrents) and should also have the same
quality and bugs.

The vast majority of binary packages in the AMD64 release were built
from exactly the same sources as the packages for the other
architectures. There were a small number of exceptions, however. To
make life easier for distributors of AMD64 discs, the extra sources
needed for those packages have been added to the last binary disc in
each AMD64 set (i.e. CD#13 and DVD#2). Source requirements can
therefore be met easily for AMD64.

Your debian-cd team

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