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Bits from GNU/kFreeBSD maintainer

First, the bad news.  I ressign from Debian.  This is not a means of protest
(for the record, I don't care much about Taiwan) whatsoever, just a personal
decision.  My spare time was sucked by a handful of things, including a new
community effort [1] that I just went into, and I need to free my mind from so
many duties (or as we say in catalan, "d'on no n'hi ha no en raja").


Now for the good news.  Over the last years I have crafted a shiny GNU/kFreeBSD
port which is today in an almost complete state.  Provided that there is enough
interest in it, it is ready to meet the requisites (wether "vancouverised" or
not, that is) for inclussion in the SCC archive.  Quoting from [2] (I omitted
obvious or unapplicable requisites):

> - the architecture must be able to run a buildd 24/7 sustained
>   (without crashing)
> - the architecture must have an actual, running, working buildd

It has had a 24/7 running buildd for quite some time in the past, so there
shouldn't be much problem setting up one.

> - the port must include basic unix functionality, e.g resolving
>   DNS names and firewalling

Met (including both of the examples).

> - the architecture must have successfully compiled 50% of the archive's
>   source (excluding architecture-specific packages)

Last time I read a report we had more than 90% of the archive.

> - 5 developers who will use or work on the port must send in
>   signed requests for its addition
> - the port must demonstrate that they have at least 50 users

There are more than 5 developers who listed themselves in this wiki page:


as for users, one could argue if 20 of its users bothered to register
themselves, it's likely that there are 30 more of them who didn't.


OTOH, this port needs some basic maintainance work that I'm no longer going to
do.  If no person or group of people volunteers to do the tasks below, it'll be
obvious to me the community is not interested in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and thus
it was condemned to disappear anyway.  They're listed in order of relevance,
taking in account that this system is being used in production environments,
where security support is essential:

  - Maintaining the kernel package (kfreebsd5-source [3] and kfreebsd5 [4]).
    This basicaly involves packaging new upstream releases and appliing
    security patches from upstream when due to.

  - Run an autobuilder.

  - Update manualy the packages that need special patching in order to build
    everytime there's a security issue in them (as reported by debian-security).

Well, that's all.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to contact me if you need
assistance with adopting stuff related to GNU/kFreeBSD or my packages.

So long, and thanks for all the fl^W^W^W^W^W^W


  [1] see http://www.bounty-hacker.org/ if you're curious
  [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/03/msg00012.html
  [3] http://packages.debian.org/kfreebsd5-source
  [4] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/glibc-bsd/trunk/kfreebsd5/?rev=0&sc=0

Robert Millan

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