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Debian Day @ LinuxTag 2005 / and additional talks

Debian Day @ LinuxTag 2005 / and additional talks

I'm happy to announce (even though I should have done this one week
ago already) the schedule for the Debian Day, the mini-conference of
the Debian project traditionally held during LinuxTag.  It will take
place on Thursday, 23rd of June during this year's LinuxTag in
Karlsruhe, Germany.  The talks will describe certain parts of the
distribution or the project and will be held in English.

  Thursday, June 23rd, 2005, Room 2.05

  Time  | Speaker               Title
  10:00 | Norbert Tretkowski:   Backporting Practice
  11:00 | Joey Schulze:         Debian Security
  12:00 | Luk Claes:            Internationalisation & localisation
  13:00 | Goswin von Brederlow: Debian Archive Structure
  14:00 | Martin Zobel-Helas:   The volatile Archive
  15:00 | Meike Reichle:        The Debian Women Project
  16:00 | Andreas Tille:        CDD: Current and Future
  17:00 | Jörg Jaspert:         Bootable multi-arch CDs

Due to the large number of talks submitted and interesting topics we
have decided to extended the Debian day by another day.  Hence, part
two will take place on Friday, 24th of June.

Friday, June 24th, 2005, Room 2.05

  Time  | Speaker               Title
  12:00 | Yutaka Niibe:         Porting to m32r Architecture
  13:00 | Mike Wiesner:         Kerberos V5 mit Debian
  14:00 | Stefano Zacchiroli:   OCaml @ Debian
  15:00 | Andreas Tille:        Knowledge, Power and free Beer
  16:00 | Hauke Goos-Habermann: m23 Distribution System
  17:00 | Michael Banck:        The Ubuntu Development Model

In addition to these talks, we'd like to add another list of talks
that have a connection to the Debian distribution or the Debian
project, in addition to the keysigning party.  Some of these may also
be of interest for visitors who are interested in ongoings of Debian.
Only some of these talks will be held in English.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

  10:00   Fabian Franz:         Einführung in Knoppix (EG Weinbrenner)

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

  13:30   Florian Schießl:      Linux in München (UG2 Mombert)
  17:00   Alexander Schmehl:    Neues in Debian Sarge (EG Forum)

Friday, June 24th, 2005

  12:00   Fernanda Weiden:      Free Software with a female touch (UG2 Mombert)
  16:00   Mako Hill:            Strategies in Financing (UG2 Mombert)
  17:00   Fabian Franz:         Einführung in Knoppix (Practical Linux Forum)

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

  14:00   Peter Palfrader:      Key Signing Party (R 2.05)
  15:00   Debian Developers*:   Debian Projekt intern (UG3 Hebel)
  16:00   Alexander Schmehl:    Paybacktime (EG Forum)
  17:00   Mako Hill:            Debian and Ubuntu (UG3 Hebel)
  17:00   Michael Kofler:       Ubuntu - Das menschliche Linux (EG Weinbrenner)
  17:00   Gregorio Robles:      Quo vadis, libre software? (UG3 Hebel)

* Jörg Jaspert, Frank Lichtenheld, Andreas Barth, Joey Schulze

For more information, please check the Debian day page at

For locating the conference rooms, please see the building overview:

In addition to this hopefully overwhelming conference program the
Debian project will maintainer a booth in the exhibition area.  The
new sarge release will be demonstrated at the booth.

Reading is a lost art nowadays.  -- Michael Weber

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