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Debconf5: Please confirm __NOW__

Hi all,

As I said yesterday[1], we are getting closer to this year's Debconf.
This really excites us all - but also puts in some pressure in. We need
to have all the numbers in order to plan things out. It is vital for the
correct organization of Debconf to get this data ready as soon as
possible, and as accurate as possible.

Please log in to your account [2] and check your personal information is
as complete as possible. Specifically, what we foremost need is:

- Arrival time
- Departure time
- Food preferences
- Lodging
- Confirmation

We need to have the final numbers for food on June 1st, so please, don't
leave this for later. If you have not updated your information by May 31
(this means, by next Tuesday, 23:59 UTC), you will not be counted in -
and you will probably not get to taste the delicious meals our Finnish
friends are preparing for us!

Even if you are not attending Debconf, please help us reduce the level
of uncertainty: Enter the site and mark the confirmation as 'not
attending'. That will help us plan better and preserve our resources.

If you don't confirm, we will act out as if you were not planning to
come. Please, don't leave this for later.

If you experience any problems with the system, don't hesitate
contacting me directly - gwolf@gwolf.org, gwolf on Freenode (I'm usually
logged in even if not present in any channels), 17992765 on ICQ.

Thanks a lot!

- Gunnar Wolf / Debconf5 organizer team

[1] http://liw.iki.fi/lists/debconf5-event@lists.debconf.org/msg00318.html
[2] http://comas.linux-aktivaattori.org/debconf5/

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