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Changes to the weekly WNPP posting

WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) is an important part of
our infrastructure used to discuss packages to be added to the archive
and, in particular, to look for new or additional maintainers for
existing packages.

In the last few years, WNPP summaries have been posted weekly to this
mailing list to show packages which are currently orphaned or up for
adoption.  I think that these weekly postings are no longer effective.
I suspect that most people delete them without reading and they only
clutter up this list - the only list which Debian developers are
required to subscribe to.  Furthermore, Debian Weekly News (DWN) has
had a WNPP section for a while, further reducing the usefulness of
these weekly postings.

I have therefore decided to stop the weekly WNPP summaries to d-d-a
and instead do the following:

 - send the weekly posting to debian-wnpp instead of d-d-a

 - only include new entries

I've implemented this already and this change is effective as of now.
I think that this will make the postings more attractive as they are
shorter and sent to a specific audience.

Nevertheless, WNPP is important to everyone and I encourage people to
check http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ to see whether any of the
packages you use require help.  For reference, there are currently 197
orphaned packages, 87 packages up for adoption and 9 looking for help.

The devscripts package offers a very useful tool called wnpp-alert
which checks whether any of the packages installed on your machine are
orphaned or up for adoption.  I suggest that you add wnpp-alert to
your crontab so you can easily see if any packages of interest to you
require help.  There is also an rc-alert script which does the same
with release critical (RC) bugs.

Finally, please note that I will go through the list of orphaned
packages after sarge is out and will request removal of packages which
have not been maintained for a long time.  Now is your chance to check
whether you are using any of them.  Please visit
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.

Martin Michlmayr

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