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Debconf5 update


Working on DebConf gives me the unique opportunity to talk to a lot of
people when asking for sponsorship. This year I was once again taken
aback by the way how highly companies value us and the work we
do and how that expresses itself in how they support us.

This year we got more then 100,000Euro (or 130000$US) in cash
donations and several very valuable donations of goods.

These are the companies that committed to sponsorship until now: HP,
Intel, Nokia, IBM, Linux Magazine, Linux Aktivaattori, Movial, SLX
Debian Labs, Helsinki University, Hostway, O`Reilly, Progeny, Ubuntu,
Damicon and Univention.

I think we need to re-calibrate how we think of Debian ourself and
remind us that we managed to create an enormously valuable system.
Now lets get our act together and lets become the kick-ass
Über-distro that rules the world! Yay!

Ok, back to the DebConf update. We got enough sponsorship commitments
to allow us again to provide everyone with free food and
accommodation. All that requested travel support can be accommodated.
If you requested travel support and have not yet heard from me,
please contact me, perhaps mail got lost.

From the 47 received proposals we selected 14 for talks. This is the
preliminary list:

Andreas Barth
Debian release management

Erinn Clark, Magni Onsoien
Debian Women and Women in Free Software

Tollef Fog Heen
Multiarch - An a proposal and an implementation

Dann Frazier
Debian-Kernel Team Oveview and Status

Matthew Garrett
"DFSG-free" panel discussion

Dafydd Harries
Debian New Maintainer Process: History  and Aims

Joey Hess
Securing the testing distribution

Steve Kowalik
Linda - A Debian package checker written in Python

Frank Lichtenheld
Debian Website Round Table

Margarita Manterola
Are we really devoted to our users?

Christian Perrier, Holger Levsen, Joey Hess
Debian Installer - a developers view on it's past, present & future

Branden Robinson
WTFM: Write the Fine Manual

Andreas Tille
Custom Debian Distributions

Anthony Towns
Debbugs, tips, tricks and hacks

Enrico Zini

We hope to see the remaining proposals as bofs. Soon we will reopen
the proposal page where all bofs should be registered to allow
proper scheduling.

For people that want to hack together in a focused way, the location
is available ahead of time. Note that it has proven to be of limited
productivity to come and "just work on something" or "just help". You
can read mail and browse the web at home. If you however work on a
team (e.g. d-i, debian-edu, debian-cd, ...) you are very welcome: This
is your opportunity for tight face-to-face cooperation and team work!
Please let us know how many you are and when you want to come. The
dorm is available for you from the 3rd. We will still be setting up
the infrastructure, but basic net access will be there from the start.

As a novelty this year we will have the "Debian Day" on the 9th
(before DebConf starts on the 10th), where we will present Debian to
the natives. The target groups are press, users and interested
techies. We will have a special track of talks and tutorials so that
people might see the Light. Preparations for the Debian Day are still
under way.

Lets meet and make magic happen!


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