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Bits from the DAMs ( & Co)


in the tradition of "Bits[1] from the DAMs", started in January, we are
now sending another mail to inform you about recent decisions we made.

Topics in this mail
1. Handling of Accounts
2. The NM Process
3. New Accounts?
4. While we are at it, some other stuff too
5. Mailing Lists
6. Release related
7. Are we there yet?

1. Handling of Accounts

While having a very s3kr1t Cabal[2]-Meeting a bit ago, we decided that
Debian doesn't work anymore the way it is running right now. We gave you
a chance to actually proove we are wrong with this conclusion, but the
huge flamewars following our testmail showed that we are right.
So we decided to have a clean restart with a small team[3] and as such
are deleting every account[4] somewhere around this evening (UTC).

2. The NM Process

Well, as the Cabal[2] decided in Point 1 that we[2] don't have any
additional accounts in the future, we[2] just stopped the NM Process[5], no
need for big queues in this process anymore, they will be deleted
shortly after the accounts.

3. New Accounts

Note that this all does not mean that there wont be new accounts in the
future. Of course we have plans to let others play with our favourite
Universal Operating System as well, so we will accept new Developers - who
then do all the bad work for us. We[2] took some time to come up with
objective[6] criteria for new Developers (NM), some of them are listed below,
some others are to be announced at the time we start accepting new
people into the project again:

- a NM must pay both DAMs a sum of money, randomly choosen at the time
  he applies. This ensures that we always have enough money to process
  the request of NMs, you know it needs time to create accounts!

- a NM must have machines of all architectures Debian supports at his
  home, making them available for all other DDs to access over the net,
  so we make sure every DD may know what his packages are doing on other

- a NM must agree that he wont ever flame anyone behind any
  role-address, except he paid him before.

- [deleted or anyone from debian-women would kill me. Sorry]

4. While we are at it, some other stuff too

Ok, while we are already at this bit-writing thing, we decided to
add just another bit here, no need for an additional mail only wasting
As we both have some other hats for our nice shoulders, we just
wanted to add that this  NEW is also stopped. You aren't able to upload
anymore,  so no need for NEW. Of course we will clean the archive, recent
activities with the long NEW queue, and the long past it had made the
archive just too big. The Cabal doesn't use all the packages, so why
should we keep them around? Be prepared for a 1GB Debian Mirror in the
future, carrying all useful stuff you need to have.

5. Mailing Lists

As we considered the climate on the lists to be BAD, we just decided to
randomly shut them down. Whenever we[2] don't like a thread this list
will be dropped for at least a week. We are sure that this will help us
to get to a much friendlier atmosphere, as random people already
announced that need a while ago.

6. Release related

What for? With the end of this day we will remove sarge and woody. We
all run sid anyways, so why bother keeping something always outdated?
Its so much simpler to just work on sid. Believe us, we are the Cabal,
we know that.

7. Are we there yet?

Yes, some ice cream for you.

[1] Sorry, only Bits, not Bytes, we[2] didn't have enough time to prepare
    Bytes. Please go and collect as many copies as you need to prepare
    a byte out of it yourself.

[2] Cabal[2], OH Cabal[2]. Yes, there is a Cabal[2]. If you need to read
    this via a public mailinglist you are not in this Cabal[2].
    Sorry. Bad luck for you. 

[3] Yes, you know, anyone says small teams[2] are good.

[4] Not our[2] own and some hand-selected Cabal[2] Members Accounts of

[5] Just think about it. Its *NM* - so *N*o *M*ore Processing fits very well.

[6] Really. We used more than two dices for them!

bye Joerg
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