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Results of my Survey on Debian Usage


After quite some time passed cleaning up the replies, writing the
processing scripts and learning CSS, I'm proud to announce the
results[1] of the Survey on Debian Usage I posted in April 2004[2].


The presentation pages provide some views on the results, which I
consider quite successful in giving various insights on our community,
as well as some interesting ideas to direct further development[3].

Due to the massive amount of replies that I received and the qualitative
nature of the survey, it took me a long time to process the results. For
the same reasons, and because I have limited knowledge of qualitative
metodologies, I have problems providing too much interpretation of the

Nevertheless, I'm very happy to see this data coming together, I've
learnt a lot while processing them, and I'm sure that people spending
some time wandering around the results will learn something as well.

A personal, big thank you to all the people who replied to the survey
and all the people who gave me suggestions along the way.



[1] http://people.debian.org/~enrico/survey/survey.php
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/04/msg01508.html
[3] For example, I started writing buffy[4] pushed by noticing that
    many people perceive Debian as used mainly for servers and
    development, but use it mainly for e-mail :)
[4] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/misc/buffy
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