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Bits from the CD team, 2005-03-16

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Just a quick summary of release progress from the debian-cd team:

We're increasing the amount of space available for CD and DVD ISO
images on cdimage.debian.org so we can host full images for both woody
and sarge for a period after the release. A newly donated RAID array
is on the way from HP (thanks!) to accommodate this. This should
hopefully be in place and serving images within the next week.

Daily and weekly DVD and CD image builds have been continuing[1],
thanks to Santiago Garcia Mantinan, with no major problems
recently. For building the release images we'll need to spread the
load to make sure we can build and at least smoke test some of the
images before officially releasing them. We also need to start
building and testing DVD images for all the arches (and especially
source) - at the moment we only have i386, ppc and ia64. DVDs for
other architectures _should_ present no real problems, but...

I'm ready to drop a new version of the debian-cd package into the
archive as soon as the task lists for d-i RC3 are finalised. There is
no plan to merge the JTE changes[2] into debian-cd before the sarge
release. The code's stable enough (Manty's using it every week), but
it requires a heavily-patched version of mkisofs. Pushing that into
the archive now is too risky for my liking. The normal debian-cd /
jigdo combination produces equivalent images, so this is not a major

D-I RC3 is coming Real Soon Now and we're planning to switch over to
that on the testing CDs and DVDs ASAP. Breakage will hopefully be
minimal and we'll be ready to go soon.

As sarge has grown in size immensely compared to woody, we're at the
stage where we will need to produce more than 1 DVD per binary
architecture for the first time. In some cases, we may even grow
beyond 2 DVDs. For the first time, we're also going to produce larger
images sized to fit on single-sided dual-layer DVDs. As DL DVDs are
slightly smaller in capacity than 2 single-layer DVDs, some
low-priority packages may need to be trimmed to fit. To save space and
bandwidth, there are no plans to make full-size ISO images available
for the DL DVDs, only jigdo files.

Thus, for sarge, we plan to offer officially:

 * ISO images for business card and netinst CDs (for all architectures)
 * ISO images for normal install CDs (for all architectures)
 * ISO images for install DVDs (i386-only planned)
 * Torrent files for all of the above
 * Jigdo files for all of the above, plus for DVDs for the other
   architectures and for the DL DVD images

Finally (again after sarge) I'm planning some major changes to the
debian-cd package to make it more flexible and easier to use and
customise for everybody. And (of course) faster! I'll post more
details soon.

If you have any questions or comments on any of this, please mail the
debian-cd list (debian-cd@lists.debian.org).

[1] http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/
[2] http://www.einval.com/~steve/software/JTE/

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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