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DPL debate 2005: 19 March 2005, 23:00 UTC

[This should have gone to d-d-a in the first place too, sorry]

Hello, world.

This year's DPL debate will take place on Saturday, 19 March 2005,
at 23:00 UTC[0]. It will last for two hours. The meeting will take
place on the Freenode IRC network[1], using two channels:

  #debian-dpl-debate: on this channel, the candidates answer
    questions and debate. The channel is moderated by Helen Faulkner
    and myself and open to the public in read-only mode.

  #debian-dpl-discuss: here, the community can hang out and ask
    questions while the debate is going on. While Helen and I will
    have a set of discussion topics prepared, we will monitor this
    channel and give the candidates the opportunity to speak out on
    some of the issues raised here.

    It is possible that we will need moderators for this channel. If
    you are interested in helping and are experienced with IRC,
    please contact Helen or myself in private.

That is all for now. We will announce details about the debate
format at the end of the coming week.

0. You can use
     date -d '19 Mar 2005 23:00 +0'
   to find out the exact time in your timezone.

1. I only realised that OFTC has already been mentioned by Manoj
   after making an announcement on debian-vote. Thus, to avoid
   further confusion, we stay on Freenode now.

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