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Debian Project Leader Election 2005


        The nomination period is at an end, with six candidates
 standing forth to be counted. We are now in the campaigning period.
 The candidates are:

  o Matthew Garrett  [mjg59@debian.org]
  o Andreas Schuldei [andreas@debian.org]
  o Angus Lees       [gus@debian.org]
  o Anthony Town     [ajt@debian.org]
  o Jonathan Walther [krooger@debian.org]
  o Branden Robinson [branden@debian.org]

        The page at http://www.debian.org/vote/2005/ shall be updated
 soon. The platforms for these candidates shall be published as soon
 as they are available. (For the candidates who have not yet sent in
 their platforms: please do so as soon as possible).

Time Line: 
 Nomination period:  February  7th, 2005 --> February 28th, 2005
 Campaigning period: February 28th, 2005 --> March    21st, 2005
   Voting period:       March 21st, 2005 -->  April   11th, 2005


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