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Debian Project Leader Elections


        We are in the final week of the nomination period for
 candidates for the position of the Debian Project Leader.=20

        The new project leader term starts on April 17th, and that
 sets the time line:
 Nomination period:  Feb 7th  00:00:01 UTC -- Feb 28th 00:00:00 UTC
 Campaigning period: Feb 28th 00:00:01 UTC -- Mar 21st 00:00:00 UTC
   Voting period:    Mar 21st 00:00:01 UTC -- Apr 11th 00:00:00 UTC

        Prospective leaders should be familiar with the constitution,
 but, just to review: there's a three week period when interested
 developers nominate themselves, followed by a three week period with
 no nominations [intended for campaigning], followed by three weeks
 for the election itself.

	I am going to be away from internet access next week (right
 when the nomination period ends, so the formal announcement of the
 candidates shall be delayed by 36-48 hours, maybe less.

        I intend to collect platform statements from the candidates,
 and publish them on a known location (somewhere under
 www.debian.org/vote) at the end of the nomination period and the
 beginning of the campaign.

        I suggest that the candidates send the platform, preferably in
 HTML/SGML, to the secretary at least a couple of days before the
 publication date -- say, by the end of the month?

        This should give the candidates enough time to craft their
 platforms, I should think. The format of the web page is open to
 discussion, but I suggest there be at least three sections:
  a) Introduction/Biography
  b) Major Goal/ Meat of the platform,
  c) Rebuttal.

        After the publication, there share be a one week period for
 each candidate to create a rebuttal, and the rebuttals shall be
 published on Mar 7th, 2005 (I am out of town from the 2nd of March to
 the 6'th, but I think I shall be able to get the rebuttals out more
 or less on time)

        Please make sure that nominations are sent to (or cc:'d to)
 debian-vote, and are cryptographically signed.



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