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Status of project debian-volatile

Hello, world,

some packages aim at fast moving targets like spam filtering and virus
scanning, and even using methods like updating virus patterns by a
daemon on the local system, this doesn't really work for the full time
of a stable release.  There have been discussion about how to allow system
administrators to update their systems in a nice, consistent way without
getting the drawbacks of using unstable, even without getting the drawback
for the selected packages.  A new project called debian-volatile has been
created to achieve this.  The status of debian-volatile is as follows.

For getting some debian-volatile support up, and for getting experience how
it works, and what the issues are, volatile.debian.net has been created. A
first package, whois, has already been accepted into the debian-volatile 
section for woody.  We expect that debian-volatile will reach a full
working status once sarge is released, but of course, we aim that it is 
useable any time (and we believe it is).  We are interessted about
feedback, especially from normal users of Debian.  The canonical contact
address for any issues with debian-volatile is
debian-volatile@volatile.debian.net; however, looking at the web page at
http://volatile.debian.net before might reduce our work load.

Our next steps are to create a browseable list of updates, like we have for
security.  Apart from that, identifying packages worth and appropriate for
inclusion into volatile is necessary.

If you are more interessted in debian-volatile, you can join our mailing list
and also reach us at #debian-volatile on irc.debian.org.

For the list of mirrors, please see http://volatile.debian.net/mirrors.html


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