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Asia Debian Mini-Conf: CfP and Registrations Reminder

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Hi all,

This is a friendly reminder that the Call for Papers for the Asia Debian
Mini-Conf 2005[1] will close in a little less than two weeks.

ADMC2005 will be held in Beijing, China on Monday February 28 and
Tuesday March 1. The main purpose is to bring Developers and other
people interested in Debian together for a technical conference. As this
is the first time such a conference is held in Asia, we're not sure how
this will turn out, but it's looking more and more likely to be a very
successful one!

The sponsors of the event has been very generous, and will pay for both
travel and accommodation expenses for speakers of this event. So if you
have something you would like to speak about, please submit your
papers[2] now! :)

Registration for ADMC2005 has also been open for a while now. The
sponsors are covering the accommodation for participants too, so if
you're interested to go please sign up[3] early. Seats are limited!

See you all in Beijing!


[1] http://debian.org.cn/events/admc2005/
[2] http://debian.org.cn/events/admc2005/cfp
[3] http://debian.org.cn/events/admc2005/registration
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