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Bits from the dpkg maintainer

Like the rest of Base, dpkg has been in a state of freeze for some time.
Recent uploads to unstable have been largely to update translations and
make sure features that need to be in stable are.

In case of critical bugs, the only uploads to unstable until sarge is
released will be proposed updates for testing.

However, if you like a little excitement, danger and risk to your
package management you might want to use the 1.13.x releases that will
be uploaded to experimental, starting with 1.13.0 today.

Right now the only major changes are to the source package, bringing it
into a useful shape to be maintained and a few minor bug fixes that got
swept along with it.

This branch will hopefully see fairly rapid releases incorporating both
bug fixes and new development/features.  It may be slightly more
unstable than you may be used to.

Those interested in following dpkg development may wish to read the wiki
at http://www.dpkg.org/ and/or join the debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org
mailing list.

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